Turbo CHP station

Turbo CHP station on BIO-fuel from microalgae biomass

CHP station completed several parallel partitioned micro turbine electric power units with capacity of 200kW.
Fuel for thermal power plants — middle distillate produced from microalgae biomass, DDGS, brewers grains, lignin, livestock and poultry waste, lignin.

Advantages of our CHP station:
• A strain elasticity, ability to work in the load range from 0 to 100% without reducing the resources and stops
• An overall efficiency of 92%
• 1kW electric produced up to 2kW of heat energy
• Overhaul to 60,000 hours
• Noise and vibration up to 60dBa
• The level of greenhouse gases not exceeding 9ppm
• Intake of a wide range of fuels, including those with unstable composition and characteristics of the content of hydrogen sulfide up to 7%
• Low fuel consumption
• Quick commissioning
• High reliability
• Simple heat recovery (HRSG)
• A rapid increase in capacity by installing additional sections

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