Straw cellulose

ECO-BIO mini-factory with production of cellulose semis from straw cereals and oilseeds

The raw material for the production of cellulosic fiber cereal straw is semis and oilseeds.
Mini power plants processed raw material from 1 ton per hour.
It is based on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology for processing the straw of cereals and oilseeds sub-and supercritical carbon dioxide CO2.

Аdvantages of the technology:
• There is no emission of harmful compounds
• The output of semi-finished cellulosic fiber 1 ton of raw material is higher than that of traditional technologies
• Energy used to produce one ton of cellulosic fibrous semifinished significantly lower
• The cost of production of 2 … 3 times lower
• Agribusiness in solving the problem of straw utilization
• The procurement of straw increased the profitability of the agricultural sector to 15%
• The ability to organize production in the vicinity of sources of raw materials

To protect the technology filed two patent applications.

REFERENCE. Breeding annual plants containing cellulose, indicated G7 Group of Seven developed countries as one of the 20 priorities of the 21st century.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution which is expected to ban by 2020 production of the most hazardous plastics, including plastic bags.

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