ECO-BIO mini-factory for the production of natural nanocellulose from microalgae biomass

Ideal raw material for the production of natural nanocellulose is biomass of microalgae.
Nanocellulose is the raw material for the production of biopolymers with high strength characteristics, biodegradable polymers, high-energy, biomedical and biomimetic materials, adsorbents, including cleaning up oil spills.
Nano cellulose used to improve the physical and mechanical characteristics of various kinds of paper and cardboard, and also can be used in the food industry for the production of low-calorie food fillers.
Mini power plants processed raw material from 1 ton per hour.
It is based on an energy efficient and environmentally friendly processing technology microalgae biomass sub and supercritical carbon dioxide CO2.
Technology allows simultaneous biomass of microalgae natural nanocellulose, biologically active substances and lipids.

To protect the technology filed two patent applications.

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