ECO-BIO mini-factory for the production of microalgae biomass

Microalgae biomass is an ideal raw material for the production of bio-fuel and nano cellulose, biologically active substances in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
Cultivation was carried out in bioreactors of microalgae capacitive volume of 30m3 or more.
Bioreactors allow cultivate all kinds of microalgae. Yield microalgae biomass is over 100g/l per day.
Productivity of mini-factory for processed raw material from 1t/h.

Advantages of the technology:
• Perhaps the cultivation of any species of microalgae, including the most sensitive to mechanical impact
• Parametric control biosynthesis is based on evaluation of the native fluorescence cell microalgae, adaptive system
• Observed high hygiene culture of microalgae
• Stirring the suspension of microalgae gas vortex is carried out over its surface without stagnant and turbulent zones
• Mass transfer coefficient 8…12 times higher than the bubbling
• Specific energy consumption for mixing of less than 0.1W/l
• As a source of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) used energy-saving LEDs heavy duty capacity up to 100W or more with wavelengths corresponding to the maximum absorption by photosynthetic pigments of microalgae
• PAR energy is uniformly distributed throughout the volume of suspension
• The optical path length and PAR radiation losses are minimal
• Applies effective low-intensity non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation suspension increases productivity of microalgae in 1.5…2 times
• Temperature control of microalgae suspension provided energy efficient way — incubation gas vortex above the surface of the slurry
• Washing and sterilization equipment is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient complex CIP cleaning and disinfection without chemicals
• All processes are automated cultivation

Technology is protected by 11 patents, filed six additional patents pending.

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