Hybrid drive

Hybrid power turbo-electric drive for watercraft on BIO-fuel from microalgaes

Hybrid power turbo-electric drive completed several parallel partitioned micro turbine with electric power unit capacity of 30kW, the conductive Magnetodynamic propellers or water jets in the form of electric motors, the stator, which causes rotation of the rotor, the inner surface of which are mounted propeller blades.
Fuel for Hybrid power turbo-electric drive — middle distillate produced from microalgae biomass.

Benefits of Hybrid power turbo-electric drive:
• High overall efficiency
• A strain elasticity, ability to work in the load range from 0 to 100% without reducing the resources and stops
• Overhaul to 60,000 hours
• Noise and vibration up to 60dBa
• The level of greenhouse gases not exceeding 9ppm
• Low fuel consumption

To protect the technology filed two patent applications.

REFERENCE. The European Parliament adopted a resolution according to which in 2015 the EU will take effect the new requirements on the sulfur content in marine fuel, operating in the waters of the Baltic and North Seas. Companies whose ships go in these waters will have to either install on ships filtering installations, cleaning fuel sulfur, or use a biofuel that does not contain this ingredient.
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