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Our values
We are certain that the initiative of the entrepreneurship for socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship is an essential link for the social market of the economy.
We are also certain that only innovative, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and resource saving technologies can assure further development of the regional industry.

About Us
In the early 2000s, we, an international group of independent scientists and engineers from Lithuania, Germany and Eastern Europe, decided to work in the field of green technologies, alteration of green biomass, biofuel, and hybrid electric vehicles.
The result of our long-standing work is more than 30 patents in the industrial growing field of microalgae, in the industrial production field of local nanocellulose preparations, in the biomass field of biologically active materials and lipids from microalgae as well as in the straw field of cellulose preparations that are made of cereal and oilseed crops, in the biomass field of the 3rd generation biofuel from microalgae and in the ships field of hybrid turbo-electric drive.
In June 2014 we established Engineering Research Centre GREEN LIGHTHOUSE, which is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We are
Dr. Daubaras Artūras
Investigations in the area of Soil ecosystem development, anthropogenic factors, prognosis/management of system stability. M. Sci. in International business management
Dr. Murashka Siargei
Investigations in the field of green technologies, alteration of green biomass, third generation biofuels and hybrid electric vehicles

Our R&D projects
• ECO-BIO regional plants and factories for the production of:
— Biomass of microalgae
— The 3rd generation of BIO-fuel
— Nanocellulose, biologically active substances and lipids from microalgae biomass
— Cellulosic fiber semis of straw cereals and oilseeds
• Turbo CHP station on the 3rd generation of BIO-fuel
• Hybrid power turbo-electric drive systems on the 3rd generation of BIO-fuel

Benefits of our projects:
— Innovative
— Environmentally friendly
— Resource
— Energy-and cost-effective
— Placement of factories does not require concentration in one place major raw materials, energy and labor
— Business is organized on the principle of «green field»



In the 21st century development can only provide innovative environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies

Contact Us

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